The key to growing your brand across social media networks is to strategize your content. Without a well-planned content, you might just be posting for the sake of posting even without understanding your audience needs. When you understand your audience, you can write a much better compelling content which leads to more traffic and achieves a better result in your business.  Below are 7 social media content that will help grow your brand visibility.

1. Create Videos

Videos are the most impactful and profitable content nowadays. It is one of the most interactive to deliver the brand’s message. According to Forbes.com, almost 45% of individuals watch more than an hour of video content on Facebook or Youtube every week. 51% of marketing professionals cite video as the type of content with the best ROI. Thus, leveraging videos on your social media content could the best tool to capture the interest of your potential audience.

2. Go Live

Going live is taking its popularity on social media and is expected to be a trend in 2019. Study shows that people spend 3x more watching live videos than pre-recorded videos. Live video is a powerful way to take people on the journey of your business and make them want to be a part of your growth story. It is also an opportunity to connect to your audience in a personal way since they can interact with you real-time which then builds trust and loyalty towards your costumers.

3. Make use of Infographics


Social Media is a visual medium. People enjoy seeing and sharing pictures on their respective social media accounts. If you want to share important content in one picture, then infographics are an effective social media marketing tool. It shares and visualizes the important elements that you wish your audience to learn in your business/services.

4. Create a Poll


Polls have a great difference when it comes to learning about your audience. We have to understand in doing social media marketing, we should avoid promoting the product or services most of the time. Rather, address the audience’s concerns and needs. By reading their responses, you can directly learn from them and adjust your strategy according to their needs. Moreover, when the post engagement is high, it creates favorable results in the algorithm and could reach more people organically.

5. Share Success Stories


Some of the things that buy the client’s attention to do business with you are good reviews and success stories. Testimonies from previous clients are very effective in building the credibility of your business. The trust each other more than they trust your brand and they aren’t self-promotional.

6. How To Content


The primary purpose of the content is to create engagement and connections to your audience. It is not just simply posting all about your product or services but allowing them to see what they can benefit from it. Remember: It is not all about your brand or business, it is all about them.

7. Memes


Memes are one of the most popular expression online. People have short attention span but humorous and concise memes can spread like wildfire across social media networks.

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