Written for FVA by: Jenissa Oroc (University Professor, FVA Batch 3, Online Writer)

I dread writing. I used to have shaky and wet hands every time our English teacher asked us to write something. When it’s already time to pass the paper, I was really anxious and shaking in fear while passing the paper knowing that I had just written a few.

I have never liked writing not until I enrolled in FVA coaching and learned about CONTENT Writing. Of all the lessons, this is my favorite! Yes, it is! You might be wondering why but the truth is, I challenged myself to deal with my weakness. Ma’am Grace has seen the potential which I have not seen myself. Luckily, my blog was even featured on the FVA site! So for those who are also struggling in improving their writing skills, here are the things I have learned in the process:

Have the Strong Desire to Write

Regardless you are a neophyte or inexperienced in the field, if you have the desire to pursue such writing, you’ll find a great improvement in your masterpiece. Having a strong desire will develop an attitude of Grit. Grit in psychology is a positive trait on an individual’s passion for a particular long term goal to achieve their respective objective ( So if one has grit, he demonstrates passion and perseverance toward a goal despite being confronted with obstacles.

Make Writing a Habit

Writing is a skill and it takes a lot of processes to master it. Not one individual becomes a master of his craft in a day. Even the famous writers and literary artists have created numerous drafts before they ever come up with a final paper. To make it a habit, you can simply carry a journal with you or simply hit your keyboard and write random thoughts, experience, how your day looks like, etc. Through this, you have the avenue to practice and hone your skills.

Make Reading a Habit

Reading is one of the vital ingredients in improving your writing skills. Reading exposes you to a wide range of genres and styles of writing. In fact, reading different genres gives you an appreciation of style and voices and unique ways of the different approaches of the writers which can be of help to widen your skill. In addition, we can also encounter numerous vocabulary words which can be a ‘toolbox’ in building and constructing correct and comprehensible statements.

Never be Afraid of Correction

Correction or feedback is one of the keys to learning.  Growth occurs when we are open to corrections and deal with our current stance. Others take it as a slight on their abilities but we have to understand that feedbacks give room for improvement and growth.

Learn Basic Grammar

Aside from the content, the second aspect that the readers look into is Grammar. If your work has lots of grammatical lapses, it distracts and demotivates the reader to continue reading. For example, In the field of employment opportunities. Resumes have to be persuasive and display your skills and experiences. Poorly written resumes with grammatical errors may take away the strength necessary in getting an invitation for an interview.

You have the potential. You just have to see it yourself.

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