We hope this article “5 Mistakes Can Affect Your Freelancing Career” will help you to avoid those mistakes. Don’t afraid when you encounter a lot of mistakes throughout your freelancing journey, as it will lead you to succeed and make this a stepping stone use them to strengthen yourself and make sure to get up and come back to stronger. Here are tips so that you can avoid these 5 mistakes that can ruin your freelance.

1. You Are Pushing Your Boundaries

You are pushing your limit even though you cannot do it, Some freelancer is cramping due to more projects that need to finish. Make sure to balance on what you were doing to provide good results and high-quality work. In that case, you will have a long term relationship and the client will be happy in your work and might recommend you to another client.

2.) You Are Not Reading Enough

Reading is essential to you in order to broaden your knowledge, make sure to read sites, read blogs or news. It is great when it is related to the freelancing and if related to your niche so that you will stay up to date on current events and new about freelancing. It also helps you to find new places to get a client and ensure that you are familiar with what they are working on and their audience before sending any proposal.

3.) You Take Rejection Seriously

Freelancing is trial and error, some freelancer will take rejections seriously especially if this happening consistently. Don’t lose hope spending too much time asking “Why not me who got hired?” it will lead you to delay you from pitching another client that might actually want you. Instead of worrying about rejection that you encountered, focus on improving and enhance your skills. Start asking yourself how to move forward.

4.) You Don’t Have An Active Online Presence

Social media accounts are very important to promote your freelance branding. Having a personal website help as well, growing your audience will be your advantage to have more clients in the future it will give them a look into your personality. If you don’t have any social media make on immediately. You’ll be missing out on your opportunities, to get one client and it might ruin your future gigs.

5.) You Make A Lot Of Excuses

Whatever things you need to finish or that needs to do, finish it immediately so that you will meet all the deadlines. Don’t make any excuses to do these projects, in the end, you will suffer from it due to many pending projects that you need to work on. If you can do it right away don’t hesitate to do it and avoid any excuses to finish the projects that you were working on.


We hope you learned a lot in this article “5 Mistakes Can Affect Your Freelancing Career” One of my favorite quotes “Do not be embarrassed by your failures learn from them and start again by Richard Branson” If you will correlate this to freelancing failure will be permanent if you will quit. Use those failures to strengthen yourself and your freelancing to improve because those who quit will not succeed.

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