Are you fond of writing? Do you want to turn your skill into profit? If yes, this article might be a good read for you.

With the rise of digital marketing and digital businesses, more and more clients are looking for content writers who could take a leap on their pages, sites or businesses. The internet has become the favorite marketplace of every business so the need for good content is a necessity to attract customers and drive traffic to the site.

Content Writing is about conceptualizing and creating good content into a specific purpose. Different mediums for content are blogs, websites, press releases, social media postings, ebooks and a lot more. Content writers portray an important role not only in providing information about the site’s business but also in generating engagement, attracting the audience and later on converting them to potential customers. So if you like writing or aspiring to become one, here are some tips for you to become effective in the field:

Why Content Writing is Important

  1. Marketing–  Effective and good content writing creates engagement, leads and at the same make them an advocate to your brand as potential clients.
  2. Adds Value of your website– Content that inform, educate, and address reader’s intent are the ones that readers read. Because it adds value on the content, it tends to be popular and make your site gain its popularity.
  3. Increase number of people through SEO–  SEO friendly content writing optimizes your site to be easily seen on Google search engine. It’s important that you set the right keywords in order to get high ranking in Google.

Creating Contents with Effectivity Relevant, and Quality

1.Define Your Audience

Defining your audience is the first step that you have to consider before writing. It’s one of the most essential factor to consider in making effective content. In content marketing, we have this so-called “buyer persona” which means a fictional representation of your ideal customer. Make sure that you know their interest, their background, what they want to achieve so you can create a good content that really attracts their attention.

2. Make Eye-Catchy Headlines

Headlines are one of the ways to effective content marketing. It is the second soul of the blog or article which encourages the readers to open it. In doing so, you can use strong keywords as a headline to make it appealing to the audience. Just keep it short and simple but making sure that all the necessary information or what your audience wants to know is already indicated.

Here are some tips on writing a powerful title:

Add Number
Qualities of a Successful Freelancer
Qualities of a Successful Freelancer 

Add Attractive Adjectives:
Title: Ways to Get Client’s Online
Better: Easiest Ways to Get Clients Online

Use Call-to-Action
Title: Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy
Better: Try These 10 Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

Start With Negatives
Title: Grammatical Errors in Writing
Better: Avoid Committing These 10 Common Grammatical Errors

3. Create Original Content

The authenticity of the content is the key to success. Although there might have been a lot of writers who wrote the same topic as you, just make sure that you still have new input that is at par from the others. Make the content interesting to engage with your audience. Aside from that, make sure that your content is compelling, easy to read and well-structured. Effective contents that buy the reader’s interest includes social-trending contents, trending topics, timely and relevant news

Another content that gets to the heart of the readers are the ones that drives emotion. It could mean a heart-breaking content, a humorous one or a controversial content. This will most likely make your content stand up from the crowd and embrace the growing trend in your site.

4. Use Visuals and Keywords

Hubspot reports that Tweets with images are 150% more likely to be retweeted than just written tweets alone. Social media visitors are also more likely to spend time looking at an image, instead of the written text below it. And Facebook posts with images are most likely to be engaged and shared than just mainly text. With this data, you can never go wrong with images being posted together with your content.

Keywords, on the other hand, are the necessary tool to easily direct your audience to your blog. Keywords are how the search engines know what you’re all about and who they should send to your blog. Choosing the right keywords is very essential in content writing. Why? Because some keywords will get a few clicks a day while some words get a few THOUSANDS of clicks a day. The crazy part? Both keywords can cover the same topic and mean the same thing, but the more “common” term people use more often will obviously get more searches ( So every keyword gets incredibly different results and offers a completely different bang for your buck. Use Google Adwords Keyword Planner  to check what keyword is the best to use for your content.

5. Proofread Your Masterpiece

Before submitting or publishing your content, make sure it undergoes proofreading.  When proofreading,  read slowly and carefully to determine whether or not it communicates the right message to the specific audience, identify grammatical lapses, spelling, tone, etc. You can also have someone read it for you to check if there are mistakes during the editing phase. Lastly, use Grammarly to check the quality of your content.

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