Why work home-based? What are its benefits?

Here are 10 top reasons.

1. Friendly Work Time – You don’t have to wake up early. You can manage your own time for work, family and socialization.

2. No Transportation Hassle – You’re at home so you don’t have to beat the traffic rush or spend money on jeepneys and taxis.

3. No Pressure for Fashion and Beauty – Say goodbye to matching clothes, buying office fashion accessories, and doing your makeup because you don’t have to dress up every workday. You can sip your tea in your pajamas while at work… in a hammock… while watching your kids play.

4. Healthy Living – Since you own your own time, you can prepare healthy food and exercise at home.

5. Big Earnings – You are earning dollars right at the comfort of your own home. It’s ok if you’re not a doctor, lawyer, or OFW because your income will be similar! Sometimes, even higher,

6. Travel Everywhere – You’re not confined to the four corners of the working space. You can work anywhere in the world as long as there’s the internet. 🙂

7. Passion – You have time to do the things you love. Be involved in a church ministry, write a book, do a photography class or take baking lessons. This is because you’re not drained with the 10-hour work period (8 hours work, 1-hour break, at least 1-hour commute) each day. You can plan your time for work, home, and the things you’re passionate about.

8. Marriage – You’re with your spouse all day. When he’s/she’s working and you’re home, that still means you have a lot of time to help spice up your intimacy.

9. Parenting – You can see your kids grow up and treasure every moment of parenting. You can raise them up well and shape their future according to the destiny God has for them.

10. Balanced Life – You have time for family, kids, and mission. While you bless your client’s business with excellent service,  you can also enjoy fellowship with friends and relatives. You can live healthily and eat healthily. You can be you and do the things you love… and be financially stable on of all these.

Start working home-based today!